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Resistant Tomato Crops Promised

Scientists at the University Miguel Hernandez have created a genetically modified tomato which they say is immune to three viruses commonly affecting crops across the Vega Baja. My planting these scientifically tweaked varieties in the future, they hope that farmers will be able to produce stronger and more resistant crops, thus reducing waste and increasing […]

Hot Thursday

The health department across the region of Valencia reports that they attended eleven people on Thursday who had suffered as a result of high temperatures. Although an alert had been issued warning of the high temperatures, none of those who needed medical attention were in a serious condition. Two of those who were in difficulty […]

Orihuela Costa Beach Record

The beaches of the Orihuela Costa have been awarded 8 Blue Flags for quality this year, along with an additional 2 for the marinas, meaning that the 10 Blue Flags they hold make Orihuela the municipality with the most awards in the Region. Whilst the standard marks the beaches of Orihuela as being particularly high, […]

Incoming Problems

A total of 145 immigrants on board 6 boats have been rescued by emergency crews of the south coast of Spain in 24 hours, 8 of which are children. The problem of immigrants arriving along the continent´s coastline is becoming an increasing problem for the Eurozone countries, with countries like Italy already asking for help […]

A Political Circus

Guardamar town hall has been criticised for breaking their own ordinance which bans circuses with animals. Despite being a forward thinker for animal rights by being one of the first town halls to ban circuses, they allowed one on municipal land in June, 2014. They were criticised this week in the run up to the […]

Taxi Fines

A number of taxi drivers from Orihuela, Benidorm and Santa Pola are complaining that they have received 750 euro fines for visiting Alicante-Elche airport too often. Taxis from outside the Elche jurisdiction were limited to the number of trips they are allowed to do to the airport, in order to protect the business interests of […]

Catering Robbers Arrested

Officers from the Guardia Civil have arrested ten people on suspicion of belonging to a group who dedicated their operation to robbing catering establishments across the Valencia region. It is believed that the gang stole up to 250,000 euro in goods and caused another 140,000 euro material damage during the break-ins. Some five properties were […]

Cartagena Drugs Bust

In a combined operation between the National Police and the tax office, a boat has been seized off the coast of Cartagena carrying 2,000 kilos of hashish. The officers became aware of a boat some 15 nautical miles off the coast of Cartagena, which was not moving in a normal manner. Upon dispatching a unit […]

A Bleak Day of Remembrance – 9 May

At six in the morning of the 9th of May, a Guardia Civil patrol was returning from duty at Pamplona railway station, heading back to the barracks, when a remotely activated bomb was set off targeting their Land Rover. The bomb had been hidden in a streetlight and the blast so severe it uprooted the […]

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