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Front page image courtesy of Mark Woods-Nunn. Lucy is wearing glasses, 2nd from the left. Her fellow students are Grace Bristo, Freya Hoster and Maria Jenner-Akehurst.

One young lady from Playa Flamenca achieved her dream assignment recently when she found herself on the ‘Red Carpet’ and surrounded by stars at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden.

Lucy Nicole Rogers was there with three other students to cover the awards as part of her BTEC Extended Diploma course in photography Huntingdon College Cambridgeshire.

The trip was arranged by College tutor Mark Woods-Nunn.

Prior to moving back to the UK to study photography in September Lucy has lived on the Orihuela Costa since the age of 4. She graduated in 2014 from IES Playa Flamenca School with a High School Certificate qualification after which she was accepted into Huntingdon College.

After her brief taste of life as a member of the paparazzi Lucy, who is considering press photography as a possible career, said that as the stars arrived it was an absolutely unbelievable adrenaline rush. She had to work hard amongst a thousand or so other photographers to stand her ground but she knew that she had a job to do, and that was to get great photos.

She said that she was particularly pleased with the shots she got of Eddie Redmayne who went on to win the BAFTA and an OSCAR at the 87th Academy Awards in LA last week.

“Most of the celebrities were really lovely, especially Dianna Agron, Eddie Redmayne, Jack O’Connell, Tom Hiddleston and Rosamund Pike. They all took their time trying to interact with the fans as they walked past. When Keira Knightley appeared on the carpet everyone was particularly respectful toward her.”

Eddie Redmayne said that he will be visiting his old University at Cambridge on his return to the UK when he will show off his OSCAR and as such Lucy has sent him her photographs and is hoping she gets the opportunity to meet him in person in Cambridge.

Tutor Mr Woods-Nunn said: “Attending such a real life event was invaluable as it gives learners the opportunity to experience the life of a photographer which often requires a great deal of standing around in the cold, concentrating on the subject and not letting others distract you.”

“As a result of their doggedness they achieved some great work, particularly as this was their first time at such an event. The whole event went very well, and was a good experience for all concerned. They are a great bunch of students.”

In contact with the Leader, Lucy said that she would like to thank her Art Teacher Consuelo and Tutor Lola at the Playa Flamenca School for all their hard work in putting her on the road to success. She said that the excellent Spanish Education System has provided her with a great platform which she hopes to build on in her future years.

Lucy’s brother, 16 year old Aaron, is also studying at the IES Playa Flamenca School. He lives with mother Dawn at La Zenia Beach and is well known in local football circles as the skipper of CDM Cadets.

Front page image courtesy of Mark Woods-Nunn.

Lucy is wearing glasses, 2nd from the left. Her fellow students are Grace Bristo, Freya Hoster and Maria Jenner-Akehurst.

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San Luis Actor and Writer Billie Anthony’Gaddess who is know for treading the boards on stage with The ADHOC Players over the last few years, having been keen to encourage people to enjoy performing on stage as well as entertain.
He found him self inv…


Children are always the victims in a divorce. So says a British study, a survey of 500 children of 14-22 years who lived a break at their home.

19% worsened their performance in school and 15% were forced to change schools. The children were used by the parts of the couple to attack each other; 32% felt used in the fights of their parents.

The research was sponsored by “Resolution,” an association of 6,500 family lawyers in England and Wales. The authors conclude that “children can not develop well if their emotional life is an embarrassment.”

The stress of divorce of their parents is pushing 14% to alcohol and 13% continue to addiction to drugs. The 65% who lived the drama in their infancy had difficulty obtaining graduate school.

Molly Baker, a 16-year-old from Sheffield, who was seven when her parents separated, recalls how her life changed in a joint custody: “Having to live between two houses during the week meant so much stress.” Emma Austin, specialist in support at home in the Frederick Bremer School in London, explains that “anyone working with children and having witnessed family implications of a breakup knows that the effects are devastating for children.

” In the UK, each year a hundred thousand children under 16 years suffer the divorce of their parents..
Moreover, in Spain more than 95,000 couples divorced and 4,900 separated during the year 2013. Currently, two divorces are recorded each year per thousand inhabitants.

The average age of women who dismember their marriage is 42 years and for men 45 years. In 76% of the cases, the women receive the custody of the children. The sufferings also reach the family environment. The fifth of English children who are children of divorced parents, didn’t see again the grandparents of one of the parties.

British experts say that fighting in front of children is a source of stress, anxiety and psychological problems.

clementeferrerrosello@gmail.com Author and journalist Clemente Ferrer has led a distinguished career in Spain in the fields of advertising and public relations. He is currently President of the European Institute of Marketing.

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Following The Prince of Wales as he looks forward to the 40th Anniversary of The Prince’s Trust and celebrating the achievements of the charity.

Ant and Dec today announce a brand new and unique documentary project, as they set out to spend time with HRH The Prince of Wales to mark the 40th anniversary of his Prince’s Trust for ITV and track the journey since His Royal Highness set up the organisation in 1976.

As long term ambassadors for The Prince’s Trust, over the next year the pair will accompany The Prince on key engagements and get more involved in the work The Trust does to support vulnerable young people in the UK. The 90 minute special will air on ITV early in 2016, the year The Prince’s Trust celebrates its 40th anniversary.

Ant and Dec are a similar vintage to The Trust – both were born the year before it was founded in 1976 – and together with The Prince they will reflect on the four decades that have passed since The Trust set out to improve the lives of disadvantaged young people in the UK, meeting some of those it has supported along the way and hearing their extraordinary stories.

Ant and Dec will gain a close perspective on The Prince’s work as they visit courses and Prince’s Trust Centres to get an inside look at the efforts made to help 13 to 30 year olds, many of whom come from a care background, and who deal with a range of challenges, such as homelessness, mental health issues, unemployment, difficulties at school and crime.

Ant and Dec said: “We are hugely excited to be working with HRH The Prince of Wales on our first project of this kind. We’ve worked with The Prince’s Trust for years and know what an incredible job they do of supporting young people right across the UK. This is a unique opportunity for us to get under the skin of a great organisation and its founder, to pose the questions we’ve always wanted to ask and to see the achievements of the young people celebrated.”

Commenting last year on the occasion of the duo’s National Television Award celebrating 25 years in television, The Prince of Wales said: “I have had the great pleasure of meeting them on many occasions over the last fifteen years, as avid and generous supporters of The Prince’s Trust, taking time out from their extremely busy schedules to support and inspire those young people who come to us in disadvantaged and difficult situations.

As role models, they have led by example, showing a work ethic and a dedication that I know is appreciated by, and encouraging to, the many courageous young men and women who come to my Trust seeking guidance in trying to make a better life for themselves and in turn, in some cases, their families and communities.”

Martina Milburn CBE, Chief Executive of The Prince‘s Trust, said: “The Prince’s Trust has made positive changes to generations of vulnerable young people since its inception and we’re really excited that Ant and Dec are going to be highlighting the work we do to mark this milestone in our history.”

The documentary will be directed by award-winning director Michael Waldman for Spun Gold Productions, producers of popular ITV programmes including Love Your Garden and Prince William’s Passion: New Father, New Hope. Filming will start early in 2015 and they are already working closely with Clarence House and The Trust to bring the story of the organisation to life.

The documentary is commissioned for ITV by Richard Klein, Director of Factual and Andrew O’Connell, Commissioning Editor Factual.

Andrew said: “We are delighted to be following The Prince’s Trust over a year to celebrate this landmark occasion. This special programme will see Ant and Dec spending time throughout the year with The Prince and seeing at close hand the work he does within the Trust aimed at enhancing young people’s lives up and down the country. This promises to be a major event in the schedule and a real treat for our viewers!”

Daniela Neumann, Creative Director at Spun Gold, adds: “We are so very proud to be producing such a landmark documentary to mark the 40th anniversary of The Prince’s Trust. We can’t wait to provide viewers with unprecedented access into the charity and more importantly highlight its life changing work that has touched so many lives and made a profound impact on our nation. It is always an honour to work alongside The Prince of Wales, and Ant and Dec are undoubtedly the nation’s most loved presenters. With their warmth and down to earth approach it is going to be such a moving and illuminating film.”

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During a two-day visit to the Alicante province, Her Majesty´s Ambassador to Spain, Simon Manley, took time out of his schedule to speak to the Samaritans.
Accompanied by the newly appointed Alicante Consul, Sarah-Jane Morris, the visit was to …

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