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Shore Fishing. ‘Spanish Alex’ has been doing well surf casting south of Mojacar. See photo of Alex and a dentex bream to be proud of.
Boat Fishing.
‘The Carboneras boys’ have again been doing well fishing from their boat in the area of t…



Alex and a dentex bream to be proud of.

Shore Fishing. ‘Spanish Alex’ has been doing well surf casting south of Mojacar. See photo of Alex and a dentex bream to be proud of.

Boat Fishing.
‘The Carboneras boys’ have again been doing well fishing from their boat in the area of the town. We in Mojacar just do not have this standard of fish it seems.

Villaricos like Carboneras, north of the harbours is also producing a few good fish. Even though in Garrucha we have some great deep water marks, though this is not where the big dentex and snappers are being caught, we are still suffering from the effects of last year’s storms. Unlike the flatter sand banks the river mud is still in the holes. Oh well we will just have to await the tuna run.

See photos of the lads and some great snapper, meagre and dentex bream caught in Carboneras.
‘Pugwash Pete’ took mates Andy and Russ out last week. They braved the conditions which was quite difficult to say the least. They managed to catch plenty of good sized mackerel up to about 2lbs. The bottom was plagued with the usual bait robbers, pickerels and weavers so they mainly fished mid water where apart from mackerel they also had a few small red snappers and pandoras.

See photo of Andy and Russ and some jigged for mackerel.

‘Blisters Steve’ and I went out with skipper ‘Orca Steve’ and we were joined by Frank and Mike. We headed for the area in front of the Repsol garage and drifted from 40 to 120 feet. Just the usual bait robbers except for one plate size red snapper. Steve B.S. hooked into a big conger in about 120 feet just on top of a 1000 foot hole.

His light tackle didn’t have much chance and in the end the fish bit him off. The rest of us were immediately waiting for a take but it didn’t come, maybe the conger was upset by the lead weight it now had to get rid of. Trolling in and out of the harbour produced nothing so we still await the arrival of the tuna. Something must be happening though as a few Spanish boats were trolling which they haven’t done for months.

Coarse Fishing.
‘Bryan V’ caught a zander when he was fishing the River Ebro last week for carp and cats, I think it was his first zander, apparently it tasted fantastic. I have eaten them before and to me considering they are a freshwater fish I was surprised just how much like cod they taste.

‘Puentes Ray’ made an early start to Puentes and was at the lake for 7am. Conditions were excellent, water calm; sun just coming up, weather warm and lots of fish rolling. Ray set up in his favourite spot, the water is still dropping. He tackled up an old Shakespeare President 13 foot match rod which he has had for about 30 years, it has lovely soft action with spliced tip.

He fished a waggler on a ledge in about 10 foot of water with 10lb main line and 8lb bottom to Kamasan B911 barbless hook and single sweetcorn. He fished about 1 rod length out and ground baited with his new ground bait mix which contained Horlicks. (Hoped it would not send them to sleep)

He was into a carp about 2lb within minutes, lots more followed for about the next 2 hours by which time he decided to try for a barbel and so changed the bait to a halibut pellet on a band. First take arrived after about 10 minutes and his reel screamed off about 50yds of line. Unfortunately he could not turn the fish and after about a ten minute fight the line snapped.

He continued to fish with the pellet and landed 4 small barbel, the biggest about 2lb. Fish kept on coming throughout the day and he stopped counting after 40. The wind got up about 4pm so ray decided to call it a day. He reckons he had about 70-80lb in total for the day and was pleased with the results.
See photo of Ray and a Puentes barbel.

This week’s ‘Rods and Reels’ competition was held on the Embalse de Argos in Murcia. The water level is as high as it’s been seen with the anglers fishing on the left hand side of the point well into the trees.

The weather was not on their side again as they had a downpour half way through the day, then the sun came out and dried them out. The fishing was patchy with several anglers failing to catch and a struggle for those who did. The fish size has increased with some carp and barbel coming out at 7lbs.

Top Rods on the day
1st Stan (The Man) Roberts fishing the pole using paste with 54.1/3lbs.
2nd Lenny (Ex Cultural Attaché) fishing the feeder using pellet and maggot with 49.1/2lbs.
3rd Dave (Yours Truly) Hoare fishing the feeder using maggot and pellet with 45.3/4lbs.

Also this week they were joined by one of Doug Hornblow´s fishing mates from Wales and had a little knock up for him on the Friday. The venue was Blanca and little did he know what he was in for.
Again the venue lived up to its reputation for catching fish and they had 4 blanks.

1st Doug (Welsh Goldminer) Hornblow fishing the feeder using pellet with 12.1/3lbs.
2nd Dave (Yours Truly) Hoare fishing the feeder using maggot and whip for bleak with 9.1/2lbs.
3rd Alan (Another Welshman) Davies fishing the feeder using pellet with 5.1/2lbs.

This week’s ‘Abbey Angling’ match was fished at Nancy’s, once again it was transferred from the river at Murcia due to no access under the bridge as it is still flooded and the water at the bottom of the ramp is still too deep to enable passage through.

The river at Nancy’s is still running quite fast below the boom and to make matters worse a JCB type digger was working there for nearly 3 hours clearing the trapped vegetation, bottles, dead dogs, birds etc. Even the men raking the stuff along the boom were wearing face masks.

A lot of the vegetation was escaping under the boom and this were forming rafts of at least 2 metres in diameter making a problem holding bottom with the line looking like a clothes line.

Lennie Bolton struggled through to bag over 22lbs on the second peg down, and other than that the fishing on the upper reaches was not affected by the work.

1st Andy (The Web Man) Stevenson with 24.1/3lbs fishing the pole using maggot.
2nd Dave (Yours Truly) Hoare 23.2/3lbs fishing the pole using maggot.
3rd Lennie (Ex cultural Attaché) Bolton with 22.1/4lbs fishing the feeder using maggot.

All details are available on their website or from the Match Secretary Terry Screen on 965328368

The Albox fishing club meets every two weeks or so at Bar Wassy. For details of the next meeting tel Sid 634 313 650.

Latest license information.
There is a new loophole for those without a nie number who want an Andalucian beach and/or boat fishing license. It will mean a trip in person to Almeria with a friend who has a nie number and has a 50/50 chance of working!

The other loophole for fishing the beaches and boats in Andalucia without an NIE document is to make a trip to Murcia.

There is now a loophole for those wanting coarse fishing licenses for Andalucia who don’t have NIE documents or/and don’t want to do the 24 hour course in Spanish, see me for more details.

I’m pleased to report the Beachcomber’s three web cams are working again and the other good news is they work on both 32 and 64 bit systems and on any browser so checkout Mojacar’s weather and Mediterranean Sea conditions here.

For up to date information on any of the above see John at the Beachcomber Bar Restaurant on Mojacar Playa or tel 950 473 099. In case of difficulty reaching me (Probably out fishing) ask staff for my mobile number.

You can also contact me on Facebook @ ‘John Beachcomber Mojacar’.
Tight lines, Beachcomber John.

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