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Calls to Save Water as Reserves Remain Low



Water reservoirs in the Valencian Community are at the some of the lowest levels in the whole of Spain with its reservoirs at 30% and 34% of its capacity in the Segura and Júcar basins respectively, according to the latest data from

Meanwhile, in the rest of the Iberian Peninsula there are places where the water volume is double that of Valencia, all above 62% of its capacity and in some cases even exceeding 80% and 90%, after a spring in which floods hit places in Aragon following the River Ebro overflowing.

In the last week, Júcar has lost 19 cubic hectometres and the Segura 7, although this is the common trend throughout the country.

In the Alicante province, the water reserve is currently 27% (03/07/2018), although that is higher than Almeria where the current reserve is just 11%. Murcia meanwhile has 21%.

The reservoir at Torremendo, officially called Embalse La Pedrera, is currently at just 23.17% of capacity, lower than the 31.3% of capacity a year ago and considerably lower than the 51.14% capacity 10 years ago.

Despite this concern, water levels are higher than the same period in 2017, collectively 52% higher and 68% higher than the same period 10 years ago. Across Valencia, the reserve is 34% higher than the same time last year and 42% higher than 10 years ago.

Transfers resumed in April with water moving throughout the country to maintain a balance where possible, although demand in the summer is high and with warmer temperatures already showing and no apparent breaks for consistent rain expected, the only option is to try to reduce and save water, before areas find themselves in a forced situation of drought.



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