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Torrevieja Sex Pest Arrested in Málaga



Guardia Civil officers have arrested a 44-year-old man in the Churriana area Málaga on suspicion of a crime of sexual assault on a child under 13 year of age.

The incident occurred in June in the Alicante town of Torrevieja, when the man, a resident of Málaga, allegedly groomed the 13-year-old girl by befriending and chatting on a social network.

After gaining her trust, according to the reports, he began to ask her to send photographs showing her “most attractive side”, until he suggested the pictures became more explicit, which she refused.

The refusal led the man to exploit her vulnerability by threatening to publish the photos he already had on social networks, and even rape her if she didn´t do what he asked.

On a day in late June, the man came from Málaga to a nearby shopping centre, to fulfil the threats. When he was there, he called the girl and insisted that if she did not come to the shopping centre, then he would publish the photographs.

The girl submitted to the threat and attended the centre, where the man took her by bus to an apartment he had rented expressly for that day and apparently sexually assaulted her.

At the end, he left her abandoned on the floor and went back to his place of residence.

The girl asked for help at a nearby bar to get to her home, where she told her mother what had happened and together they went to the Guardia Civil in Torrevieja to report the incident.

Once the case information was collected, the Judicial Police of the Guardia Civil took charge of the case and initiated the necessary investigations. After two weeks of investigations and analysis of the events, the officers knew with certainty the identity of the alleged perpetrator of the sexual assault, and his home.

The officers moved to Churriana to proceed to arrest the man where they found sufficient evidence to confirm that the man was in Torrevieja the same day of the incident.

From the house they seized two mobile phones, which are being analysed to see if he has committed further crimes of this type, meanwhile the man was brought by the officers to the courts in Torrevieja, where he was remanded in custody.




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