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Two Holidays Next Week



October is a time for celebration, both in the Valencia region and the rest of Spain, with two holidays celebrated in the region.

The 9th of October (Tuesday this year) is the Fiesta Comunidad Valenciana, a day where the Valencia region celebrates. Known as a regional holiday, the attention is not as great as it was, as many shops and businesses are allowed to open, although others will close their doors for the day.

If your favourite shop is closed, don’t panic too much, as you only have to take a short drive to the neighbouring Murcia region for normal operations to be taking place.

November the 12th (Friday) is a very special day for the entire country, the Día de la Hispanidad or ‘fiesta nacional’. This event is so special to the natives of Spain the patronage is always evident, although this year it maybe more so, as there is a social media campaign to try to get as many households flying the Spanish flag from balconies or windows, and to change profile pictures, in support of a united Spain, thus standing up against segregation and independence.

You may have notice an increase in some military planes this last week, as many of them have flown to Madrid to participate in practice runs for the big day, as a military parade will march through the streets of the capital, saluting the King and Queen as they do.

As this is a national holiday, a ‘Red Day’, many more businesses will be closed. Some will remain open, but not many, so it’s worth checking the opening hours of your favourite store early this weekend to be sure.

There’s still no need to panic though, as it’s only one day, normality will resume the following day, although as one or the other of these holidays usually touch or are near enough to a weekend, it gives many businesses and workers the opportunity to take an extended break, which does result in some business closures at unexpected times, and also leads to an increase in traffic on the roads, particularly in areas of tourist interest, such as the coast.



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