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Support for Free Tap Water in Restaurants



A consumer association has welcomed a proposal to the Spanish government’s congress by the Unidos Podemos political group, that would force catering establishments to offer tap water free of charge to customers.

Many other European countries, such as neighbouring France, already have similar laws in place, and so the group believe that the proposal would bring Spain in line with other community countries.

Many restaurants in Spain already offer tap water for free, whilst others claim that the business has to pay for the supply through the tap, and that cost should rightly be passed onto the consumer.

The proposal urges the Government to “develop the regulatory framework necessary to ensure that catering establishments always offer the possibility of a container of tap water, and glasses for consumption, for free and complementary to the offer of the same establishment”, in addition to creating awareness campaigns to improve the perception about the quality of tap water.

The consumer association, FACUA, claims that Spain is one of the highest users of bottled water despite the fact that according to different studies 99.5% of the country’s tap water is suitable for consumption and healthy, a situation that not only increases the costs of living for many households, it also creates unnecessary waste.

In fact, the association echoes the information of the European Commission, which has reported that the consumption of tap water would save European households more than 600 million euro a year, and reduce plastic waste.



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