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Orihuela Police Save Drowning Man



On Sunday afternoon, Local Police in the Alicante town of Orihuela received a notification of a person apparently having difficulty whilst in the sea at Campoamor.

The current was strong and the waves fierce on Sunday, was with a strong swell and marine currents, when, at around 16:50, the call was logged.

Officers rushed to the scene and could see a male gesticulating with his arms as if asking for help near to the buoys, and could then be seen face down, floating in the sea.

Given the urgency and the impending risk to life, the officers immediately acted by taking off their uniforms and equipment, which they gave to a waiter to look after, and dashed into the sea without hesitating.

After reaching the swimmer, the two officers managed to recover the man, unconscious, from the water, then performing resuscitation manoeuvres. After vomiting several times, the man regained consciousness.

The man, now known to be 44, was taken by ambulance to hospital, where he remained to be treated.

The officers then purchased new, and more importantly, dry underwear from a nearby store, so they could continue their duties after saving the life of a man, without hesitation, as it all seems like just part of the job for these local heroes.




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