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The Spanish water reserve is at 41.8 percent of its capacity



The Spanish water reserve is at 41.8 percent of its total capacity. The reservoirs currently store 23,482 cubic hectometres (hm³) of water, increasing in the last week by 1,026 cubic hectometres (1.8 percent of the current total capacity of the reservoirs).

The reservation by areas is as follows:

  • Cantábrico Oriental se encuentra al 91,8%
  • Cantábrico Occidental al 81,1%
  • Miño-Sil al 46,1%
  • Galicia Costa al 59,8%
  • Cuencas internas del País Vasco al 100,0%
  • Duero al 43,1%
  • Tajo al 44,4%
  • Guadiana al 29,9%
  • Tinto, Odiel y Piedras al 64,2%
  • Guadalete-Barbate al 29,0%
  • Guadalquivir al 26,5%
  • Cuenca Mediterránea Andaluza al 32,2%
  • Segura al 32,8%
  • Júcar al 52,7%
  • Ebro al 59,6%
  • Cuencas internas de Cataluña al 62,8%

The rains have considerably affected the entire peninsula. The maximum occurred in San Sebastián-Donostia with 149.4 mm (149.4 l / m²).



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