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The Government extends the participation of the Armed Forces in missions abroad until December 31, 2022



There are currently more than 2,400 military personnel deployed in 17 international operations

Today the Council of Ministers approved an agreement that extends until December 31, 2022 the participation of military units and observers in peace operations outside the national territory.

The action of the Armed Forces in favour of security, stability and support for the most fragile and vulnerable societies is more necessary than ever. Instability in the world has increased due to factors such as the effects of the COVID 19 pandemic, the progressive and constant change of the climate or the resurgence of geopolitical tensions between great powers.

Furthermore, the presence of Spanish military personnel in crisis and conflict areas contributes to highlighting Spain’s commitment to peace, and the specific value that the country contributes to the international organisations to which it contributes as a responsible member, always in accordance with United Nations resolutions.

Within the framework of the European Union, Spain continues to participate in military missions in Bosnia-Herzegovina, the Gulf of Aden and the Horn of Africa, Somalia, Mali and the Central African Republic. Troops are assigned to the European Union Rapid Response Force EU Battle Group Package, and, in cooperation with France, air support is provided for operations in the Sahel.

At the UN level, Spanish soldiers are part of the mission in Lebanon, in which they lead the Eastern Sector, and act as observers in Colombia.

Participation in the support mission to Iraq is also maintained, contributing troops to the International Coalition against Daesh and the NATO NMI mission. Within this framework of the Atlantic Alliance, the Armed Forces also contribute to the missions for deterrence and defence of the Euro-Atlantic area, to the reinforced advanced presence in Latvia, to the air police missions in the Baltic and Romania, and the protection operation missiles and anti-aircraft to the population of Turkey. In addition, units of the Navy are integrated into the permanent naval forces in the Mediterranean and the North Atlantic.

The agreement approved today foresees for 2022 that the maximum troops simultaneously deployed will be around 3,000 military personnel, a quantity very similar to that of the year that is now ending.

Currently, there are 2,470 military personnel deployed in 17 international operations, the largest being the contingents in Lebanon, with some 600 blue helmets, and in Mali, with around 500 troops.



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