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The National Police detain two individuals who introduced counterfeit US $ 100 bills through bank branches



Agents of the National Police have arrested two people allegedly dedicated to the introduction of counterfeit US $ 100 bills into the financial circuit through different bank branches in Madrid.

The investigations began last June after the identification of two people who were trying to exchange 100 US dollar bills for euros in commercial premises in the Madrid town of Leganés. One of them was carrying a total of 100 bills that were seized from him. Soon after, agents recovered 72 more bills introduced into bank branches by an individual who turned out to be one of the identified males.

All the bills belonged to the same type of counterfeit

All banknotes, both those seized by police officers and those introduced into the financial circuit through bank branches, were exhaustively analysed, and the corresponding expert reports were prepared. The specialists determined that they all belonged to the same type of forgery, and that it was an alteration of very good quality and very difficult to detect, which is why this forgery was classified as highly dangerous.

After the investigations and police surveillance, the two investigated persons were detained, from whom a total of 17,200 US dollars in counterfeit 100 bills were seized, a total of 172 units.



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