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The GVA+Salut APP incorporates the option to download the EU Digital COVID certificate



The Valencia Ministry of Health has updated the GVA+Salut APP to incorporate new functionalities and provide users with certain telematic procedures, thus avoiding having to travel to the health centre.


In the new version of the application, the option to download the COVID Digital Certificate of the European Union from the same application has been incorporated. The certificate can be obtained in any of its variants (vaccination, recovery and diagnostic certificate), and also in the event that the diagnostic test carried out was an antigen test.


Keep in mind that the COVID-19 certificate is currently required for international travel, and to access certain countries, according to the established COVID-19 regulations.


On the other hand, a new form of access to the application has been incorporated, so that the SIP number, the date of birth of the user and the date of issue of the card, if available, are necessary. The identity of the person will be confirmed by sending an SMS to the mobile phone associated with the card. Likewise, the previous methods of access, scanning the barcode of the SIP card and cl@ve, remain in force.


Regarding the prescribed treatments, each patient can consult both the treatments that are in force at that time and the history of the medicines that have been dispensed in the pharmacies.


Until now, this new version was already available for Huawei users since December 30 and is now available for Apple and Google users.


The GVA+Salut APP is an application that allows, from the same mobile device, access to the medical history and carry out procedures such as requesting an appointment by phone or in person at the health centre, as well as consulting pending appointments, both in primary care and in specialised services.


In addition, you can consult the prescribed treatments, follow up as a patient companion during surgical interventions and access information about healthcare centres or COVID vaccination, among other advantages.


Until the end of March, there have been 2,430,692 downloads of the GVA+health APP. Specifically, there have been 179,830 from Huawei’s app store, 687,109 from Apple’s, and 1,563,753 from Google’s.



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