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Is Netflix down in Spain?



Is Netflix down in Spain? Chances are, no, it’s not, but if you’re struggling to access the service it could be because of their new policy to prevent sharing of accounts.

Netflix announced the end of common shared accounts a few weeks ago, so more sharing the account among several friends or family. That policy has now kicked in, resulting in countless users being kicked out and unable to watch the streaming service.

From now on, the platform only allows users who live at the same address to use the same Netflix account. If you want to share an account, you have to pay an additional 5.99 euro for each subaccount.

Although the change has not been liked by the majority of users who do share accounts, not surprisingly, Netflix has continued with its roadmap and this week one more deadline is met: that of setting the main location.

What happens if I don’t turn on account location?

To control that each account is only used at the same address or on devices belonging to that same user when they are traveling or in their second residence, Netflix has established the primary location.

This location, determined by the IP, will be the one that helps the company avoid abuse. This week, you had to have set the user to which is the main location of their account is associated, and set that location. Devices are only allowed to connect to that account if they share Wi-Fi.

The company has been announcing this for several days to warn users, but if you’re not a frequent flyer, you might not have seen the notifications.

For all users who have not turned on a primary location, Netflix will do it for you based on previous connections and set it as default.

But if it is the wrong one, each user can modify it without problem from the configuration menu in a few steps.

You just have to go to the ‘get help’ section and there select the ‘change main location’ option. In that section you can choose the correct one to avoid blockages.

With the main location of each account active, the platform will block access to accounts outside the home (with the exceptions provided), although at the moment there is not much information about when it will start doing so.



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