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Santa Pola Library Now Offering Console Games



Jumping into the digital age, the library in Santa Pola is now not only offering books to those wishing to indulge in a bit of reading, but if you’re looking for a more visual a break from reality, you can now borrow console games too.

The library has a range of games available for Play Station 4, Play Station 5 and Nintendo Switch, which it actually hopes might make using the library more attractive to younger members of the municipality.

There are rules, though, as only one game per person is allowed out at a time, and only for a week, but you can then return it and take another game. As they are aimed at the younger crowd, those under 16 may also borrow the games, although they must be accompanied by an adult.

Finally, which should be the case for any borrowed items, the games should be cared for even better than if they were your own.

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