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Forest fires in Spain Forest fires in Spain

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Forest fire still out of control



The fire declared on Thursday in the municipality of Villanueva de Viver (Castellón) is still active. The fire is evolving favorably on the left flank, in Teruel. However, the situation is more complicated in Castellón.

More than 500 troops collaborate in the extinction work, among which are members of the UME, as well as aerial means and land brigades from MITECO.

Despite sudden changes in weather, poor visibility in some areas due to smoke, wind and orography, the fire does not advance as fast as it could in summer, which helps to control it.

More than 1,500 people continue to be evicted from various towns in Castellón (Los Calpes, Fuente La Reina, La Puebla de Arenoso, Montanejos, Montán, Arañuel, Villanueva de Viver) and Teruel (San Agustín and Olba) and, at this time, no New evacuations are planned. The activation of the COPERNICUS system has been requested.



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