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Torrevieja Greens Reveal Eco-Park Degradation



In a break from wanting to build car parks and destroy the eco system, the Los Verdes green party of Torrevieja have released images today that show the state of degradation of the eco-park on the outskirts of the town, and how it is being used as an illegal dump with the risk that this entails.

The greens report how they have received numerous images that show the degree of degradation, deterioration and misuse at the Torrevieja eco-park, as a result, they say, of the new multi-million-euro waste collection contract.

In other words, this space is not being used as an eco-park to recycle as established by the norm and once again failing to comply with the specifications assigned for which they receive a whopping 25 million euro, the say.

The new contract has turned this space into a landfill where we have been able to find the existence of evidence on the ground of toxic discharges, existence of pruning, furniture, belongings and mattresses that are stored without the corresponding recycling treatment, as well as algae discharges, which cause a bad smell, plagues of rats and insects.

“This misuse significantly harms the workers who are carrying out their work in the eco-park, the users who are going to recycle and find a landfill instead of an eco-park, and of course all the residents of Torrevieja because it is a clear source of environmental contamination, pests and bad smells” declared the candidate for mayor of Los Verdes, Israel Muñoz.

“We urge the mayor to resolve once and for all this dangerous situation that is causing health and sanitary problems in the eco-park and irreparable damage to our environment and to our municipality in general, which of course we have brought to the attention of the relevant authorities and they will take action on the matter given the serious inefficiency of Eduardo Dolón when it comes to managing Torrevieja” concluded Muñoz.

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