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Covid Infections Highest Since January



The Ministry of Universal Health and Public Health has notified a total of 940 new cases of coronavirus confirmed by PCR test or through antigen test since the last update last Friday.

This is the highest weekly increase since 20th January, when the increase in Covid infections was 1,078.

The new cases by province are 193 in Castellón (197,296 in total), 275 in Alicante (537,671 in total) and 472 in Valencia (857,670 in total).

632 of these cases are people over 60 years old. By province: 149 in Castellón, 181 in Alicante and 302 in Valencia.

Valencian hospitals currently have 238 people admitted for COVID, 6 of them in the ICU: 26 in the province of Castelló, with 2 patients in the ICU; 54 in the province of Alicante, with 2 patients in ICU, and 158 in the province of Valencia, with 2 patients in ICU.

10 deaths from coronavirus have been reported since the last update, all with a date of death within the last 7 days. These are 6 women, between 78 and 92 years old, and 4 men, between 71 and 89 years old. The total number of deaths since the beginning of the pandemic amounts to 10,486, by province: 1,269 in the province of Castellón, 3,972 in that of Alicante and 5,245 in that of Valencia.

Weekly Covid Infections Since January 2023

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