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Dog Owner Charged Following Hanging Death



The Guardia Civil, in collaboration with the Local Police of Fuente Álamo, has charged the owner of a dog for crimes relating to an investigation carried out after a dog was found dead, hanging from a wall.

The man has been charged as the alleged perpetrator of a crime related to the protection of flora, fauna and domestic animals, animal abandonment and animal abuse resulting in death.

The proceedings began when the Local Police alerted the Guardia Civil of the discovery of a dog that was hanging from a stone wall. In their report, the local police officers stated that it was a large dog, weighing about 35 or 40 kilograms, brown in colour and a breed similar to the ‘American Stanford’, which was hanging by the neck with a chain of a couple of metres in length, hooked by means of a carabiner to the collar and tied to the trunk of a fig tree.

The agents of the Local Police identified the owner of the animal and presumed responsible for the events, who spontaneously indicated that the dog had fallen and that “this had happened to him before” for which he himself had to “lift it” free. He also informed the agents that he did not have the required vaccinations or any documentation.

The environmental agents from SEPRONA of the Guardia Civil opened the corresponding investigation to clarify the facts. In addition to the information provided by the Local Police, the Guardia Civil officers carried out a technical-ocular inspection in the place where the lifeless body of the dog was found and took a statement from the owner of the dog.

All the investigations verified that the owner of the animal, allegedly, was behind the authorship of two criminal acts against pets. The first of them due to animal abandonment, by not providing the dog with the minimum required care, or veterinary assistance, such as a health certificate, vaccination or microchip.

In addition, he was charged with a second crime for animal abuse resulting in death because, although he understands that there was no intention to cause the death of the dog, there is recklessness on the part of the dog’s owner, having not taken any action that he could prevent the events from repeating themselves, knowing that these same events had occurred in previous days, having to unhook the dog himself.

The person investigated, together with the investigations, has been placed at the disposal of the Magistrate’s Court of Cartagena.

The Guardia Civil reminds citizens that if they know of any case of animal abuse or abandonment, they can report it to the telephone number ‘062’, to the email ‘’.

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