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Torrevieja Government Team Roles Announced



The mayor of Torrevieja, Eduardo Dolón, has announced the roles that the 16 councillors that make up the new Government team will have.

Although there is little change in general terms, having 16 councillors, 2 more than in the previous term, has allowed him to redistribute various areas to reduce the workload of some councillors.

Likewise, he has announced the creation of new departments such as: Universities, Childhood, Citizen Attention, Prevention and Health Promotion, Gender Policies and LGTBIQ +, as well as Attention to Functional Diversity.


EDUARDO DOLÓN SÁNCHEZ, Mayor-President of the Torrevieja City Council. Projects, Urban Planning and City Development.

ROSARIO MARTÍNEZ CHAZARRA, Delegate Councillor for Economic Development and revitalisation of the productive sectors (Tourism, Commerce, Hospitality and Industry) and Festivals.

RICARDO RECUERO SERRANO, Delegate Councillor for Education and Universities, Childhood, Innovation and Citizen Services, and Transparency.

ROSA CAÑÓN RODRÍGUEZ, Delegate Councillor for Public Health, Prevention and Health Promotion, and Consumption.

DIANA BOX ALONSO, Delegate Councillor for Sports, Health and Pest Control, and Cleaning of Municipal Dependencies.

FEDERICO ALARCÓN MARTÍNEZ, Delegate Councillor for the Presidency and Communication, Police, Security and Emergencies, Occupation of Public Highways, and Openings and Activities.

INMACULADA MONTESINOS PÉREZ, Delegate Councillor for the Elderly, Census and Statistics, Equality and Women, Gender Policies and LGTBIQ+.

ANTONIO VIDAL ARÉVALO, Delegate Councillor for the Environment, Beaches, Transportation, Markets, Fisheries and the Integral Water Cycle.

CONCEPCIÓN SALA MACIÁ, Delegate Councillor for Parks and Gardens, Public Lighting and Animal Protection.

SANDRA SÁNCHEZ ANDRÉU, Delegate Councillor for Urban Management, Accessibility and Urban Services, and Cemeteries.

JOSÉ ANTONIO QUESADA HURTADO, Delegate Councillor for Culture, Habaneras and Municipal Archives.

DOMINGO PAREDES IBÁÑEZ, Delegate Councillor for Contracting, Economy and Finance, Heritage, Youth, Employment, Local Development and Entrepreneurship.

MARÍA JOSÉ RUÍZ EGEA, Delegate Councillor for Urban Cleaning and Waste Management, and Personnel and Internal Regime.

TRUDY PÁEZ MARTÍNEZ, Delegate Councillor for NGOs, Attention to Functional Diversity, and Citizen Participation.

GITTE LUND THOMSEN, Delegate Councillor for International Residents, Relations with the European Union and European funds, and Districts and Neighbourhood Delegates.

ÓSCAR URTASUN NORTH, Delegate Councillor for Social Welfare, Family, Coexistence and Integration, and Housing.

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