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Get summer heat alerts direct to your mobile



The Ministry of Health has once again activated the alert system for high temperatures throughout the summer period.

You can now subscribe and receive these alerts when they are issued. Some workers will be exempt from working outdoors in high temperatures, but the threshold differs by area.

This is a free service provided by the Spanish Government, and is secure, so much so that you have to follow a procedure in order to confirm your request to join the alert system.

Firstly, visit the dedicated web page…

To sign up, add your email address and mobile telephone number, and select the province you are interested in.

Once you submit your details you will receive a confirmation email. You will also receive an SMS text message to your phone, although this may take a little longer to arrive (several hours, according to the system, so be patient). Once it does, click the link to activate the service, or in the email and submit the code received by SMS, and you will then be subscribed.

You will now receive the official notifications on a daily basis.

The service will be active until the end of September, when your membership will automatically expire, as was the case last year, so if you were receiving these alerts before, you will have to subscribe again.


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