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Violent robbery gang locked up



The Guardia Civil has dismantled a criminal organisation dedicated to committing robberies with great violence and intimidation. 3 people have been arrested as alleged perpetrators of the crimes of robbery with violence and intimidation with a firearm in a game room in Roquetas de Mar.

The investigation began in May when the Guardia Civil learned of a violent robbery in a game room located in the municipality of Roquetas de Mar (Almería).

Thanks to citizen collaboration, the agents in charge of the investigation were able to learn that the alleged perpetrators used a replica of an assault rifle, similar to those used by the Security Forces and Corps, to perpetrate the robberies. They violently entered the premises, intimidating customers, even assaulting one of the workers, breaking into several gaming machines and fleeing in a vehicle parked nearby.

As a result of the visual inspection carried out and the analysis of all the indications and evidence collected, it made it possible to identify, locate and arrest one of the alleged perpetrators and another person as a necessary collaborator of the facts.

Parallel to these arrests, the Guardia Civil located the vehicle used to commit the robbery, driven by another of those now detained, who used false documentation at the time of his identification. After carrying out the corresponding inspection of the vehicle, the agents located the submachine gun used in the robbery.

As a result of the investigation, this criminal organisation dedicated to committing robberies with great violence in Almería has been completely dismantled.

The Guardia Civil of the Almería Command appreciates and recalls the importance of citizen collaboration for the prompt and effective resolution of this type of criminal act.

There is a permanent hotline (062, website “” and the application “Alertcops” at the service of citizens).

The proceedings carried out together with the detainees have been made available to the Court of First Instance and Instruction of Roquetas de Mar (Almería).

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