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Reservoirs in Spain Reservoirs in Spain

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Reservoirs continue to drain



According to the latest weekly Hydrological Bulletin, the Spanish hydraulic reserve stands at 35.3% of its total capacity (56,039 hm³), compared to 31.7% the previous year and 48.3% of the average for the last decade.

The reservoirs currently store 19,775 hm³ of water, decreasing in the last week by 323 hm³ (0.6% of their total capacity).

The average level of reserves on the Atlantic slope is 35.6%, where the situation in the Guadalete-Barbate basin stands out with 15.4% and in the Guadalquivir, with 18.1%.

In the basins of the Mediterranean slope, this level stands at 34.5%, highlighting the Internal Basins of Catalonia with 21.3% and the Andalusian Mediterranean Basin with 23.1%.

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