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Gang rapper killer stands trial



From today, Monday, the Seventh Section of the Provincial Court of Madrid will hear evidence against an individual identified by the initials DBG, an alleged member of the Dominican Don’t Play (DDP) youth gang who allegedly murdered the young rapper from Madrid with four stab wounds in the back, the victim being an 18-year-old with Asperger’s, Isaac LT, believed to be a member of the rival Trinitarios gang.

The Madrid Provincial Prosecutor’s Office requests permanent, reviewable prison for him, the only accused perpetrator. The representative of the Public Ministry charges him with the crime of murder, in addition to a sentence of supervised release for 10 years after being released. Furthermore, as compensation, he demands that the accused pay the victim’s mother the amount of 150,000 euro and his sister another 75,000 euro.

According to the indictment, at around 8:55 p.m. on July 14, 2021, DBG, accompanied by three other minors, went to the area around calle Comercio in Madrid in search of Isaac LT who was wanted because they thought he belonged to the Latin gang, Trinitarios.

The accused, an active member of the DDP, then noticed the presence of the victim and together with the minors began to chase him aboard three electric scooters, catching him inside a tunnel.

Isaac LT tripped after jumping the railing that separates the pavement from the road and fell to the ground, a moment that the accused took advantage of to stab him with a butterfly knife four times in his back. The injuries affected vital organs, which caused his immediate death.

After the attack, the perpetrators fled aboard their electric scooters to the park on calle Párroco Eusebio Cuenca, “where they got rid of the knives used, hiding them behind some bushes, then proceeding to return to the Embajadores area, where the group dissolved, each of them starting separate paths.

The Dominican Don’t Play gang has its origins abroad and constitutes an “urban group” that has operated in Spain since December 2004 with a rigid, stable and hierarchical structure, organised in Choirs with their own hierarchy. One of their objectives is the defence of the territory they consider their own.

It is a “Latin gang” that promotes the commission of violent actions and has been declared illegal and, therefore, a criminal organisation by the Supreme Court ruling of December 12, 2013. The accused has been preventively deprived of liberty due to these events since November 25, 2021.

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