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Driving in Spain

Vehicle Passengers Can Also Be Fined



Although in most cases, traffic fines are directed towards the driver or vehicle owner, depending on the characteristic of the offence, passengers can also be fined for unsafe practices.

The General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) and the Guardia Civil traffic patrols not only monitor drivers to prevent them from committing traffic violations. It also does the same with the passengers of the vehicle, ensuring that everyone travels safely and according to established rules.

For this reason, there are rules or guidelines specifically aimed at passengers in a car. The penalty is the same as if the person sitting behind the wheel commits the offence, with the only exception that passengers do not lose points on their driving licence and only have to pay the financial penalty.

The most common offences committed by passengers include:

Throwing objects out of the window: if you make the mistake (intentional or not) of throwing anything out of a moving vehicle, even if you are traveling in the passenger seat, the DGT can impose a fine of up to 500 euro. If the driver is the one who throws the objects, in addition to the fine he will lose 6 points on his licence. This can include rubbish, but also includes cigarette butts.

Traveling incorrectly seated: in a car you must be seated correctly and with the seatbelt fastened. If you stick your body out of the window or put your feet on the dashboard (which is especially dangerous in the event of a collision), you face a fine of between 80 and 100 euro.

Not wearing a seatbelt: in line with the previous case, if you travel without using the seatbelt correctly, the fine that can be imposed amounts to 200 euro. Additionally, if you are the driver of the vehicle and you are not wearing a seatbelt, you will also lose 4 points on your driving licence.

Remember, therefore, that if you travel in the passenger seat of a car you also have a series of mandatory responsibilities that play a fundamental role in safety. If you do not respect these rules, the DGT will not hesitate to sanction you appropriately.

Incidentally, if the passenger is a minor, the driver will resume responsibility.

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