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A billion euro for primary care infrastructure



The Government of Spain has allocated more than 1 billion euro in the last two years alone to improve the spaces and infrastructure of Primary Care in the country through various programs and strategies.

This was highlighted by the acting Minister of Health, José Miñones, during his participation, via telematics, in the 45th National Congress of the Spanish Society of Primary Care Physicians (SEMERGEN), which is being held in Valencia.

As José Miñones has detailed, for the first time, the Government of Spain has launched a pioneering plan to Improve Primary Care Infrastructures, the MINAP Plan; a program, an initiative of the Ministry of Health and approved in the Interterritorial Council of the SNS (National Health Service) with the agreement and consensus of all the Autonomous Communities, and which represents “an example of multilevel governance”.

The MINAP Plan is endowed in 2023 with a total of 580 million euro from the Ministry of Health’s own budgets, which are added to the 446 million euro that were transferred in 2022 and which, in total, add up to more than 1 billion euro transferred to the Autonomous Communities for Primary Care in the entire SNS.

Health professionals

The acting Minister of Health, José Miñones, has reaffirmed the Government’s commitment to Primary Care, as the “fundamental pillar” of the SNS and the “first door” of health care for all citizens.

“Primary Care professionals become part of our family,” praised José Miñones, who has defended working conditions and patient care that “must be the best possible for both the professionals and the citizens who “It reaches Primary Care centres.”

In line with this commitment, the upcoming approval of the new Official Program of the Family and Community Medicine Specialty has been advanced; a “robust” program that “will be very important for the training of future professionals, for their professional development” and that will be added to other advances such as the creation of the specialty of Emergency Medicine.

A measure that not only responds to a historical demand from professionals, but also expands the development of the professional career throughout the life of professionals.

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