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Two women on trial for document theft



The Courts in Mallorca will judge two women today, Wednesday, accused of the crimes of theft, discovery and disclosure of secrets and coercion.

According to the document from the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the events date back to the end of October and beginning of November 2019, when the accused, with the aim of obtaining an illicit financial benefit, went to a law office in Palma.

Apparently, once inside, they seized a white folder with the logo of the Quirón Hospital that was on a tray on the table in the complainant’s office, inside which was his entire medical history, as well as three memoirs, and a USB, whose contents were photos, family events and all types of personal documentation scanned in PDF format, which contained payrolls, contracts, deeds, plus two oil paintings valued at 86.78 euro per unit and a third abstract oil painting valued at 177.69 euro.

On November 17, 2019, the Prosecutor’s Office indicates that the accused went to a basement, owned by the complainant, and, once inside, they committed the thefts of the paintings.

Subsequent to these events but also in November 2019, one of the accused appeared at a home in Manacor and, trying to persuade the tenant to leave the house, gave her a new contract telling her to sign it, that the new owner was her and that they should pay future rents to her. Next, to convince the victim, she presented documents that supposedly recorded the owner’s last wishes in that regard, and other medical documents that made reference to cancer that the owner suffered from.

The Prosecutor’s Office also specifies that around 1:15 p.m. on February 18, 2020, this same defendant went to another home in Porto Cristo and, once there, told the tenant that he had to leave the property, alleging that the tenancy had been revoked, quoting medical information.

Likewise, the accused carried with her a document about the complainant’s waiver of rent collection, duly signed and with a photo of his ID with which she intended to convince the tenant, so that he would provide future tenants with her account number and sign the rental contract with her, even offering her a copy of said documentation. Such was the degree of anguish that it caused the tenant, that he was forced to call the Police.

The events reported are, according to the Prosecutor’s Office, a continuing crime of theft, one of discovery of secrets, another of revelation of secrets and a crime of coercion. For this reason, it requests sentences for the accused that, in total, amount to more than 12 years in prison and a fine of 5,700 euro. And, as civil liability, they pay 938.48 euro for the stolen effects and 1,000 euro for the moral damages caused.

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