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Hospitality Venues Urged to take Safety Seriously this Halloween



The Ministry of Justice and the Interior in the Valencia region, in addition to reminding entertainment venues of the obligation to comply with current regulations regarding venues and shows, recommends extreme measures to prevent fires during the Halloween festivities, since many of the venues transform their environment with decorations that can be highly flammable.

In this sense, the Ministry advise avoiding decorating with materials that can be flammable and to keep both the extinguishing elements and the evacuation exits well signposted and accessible. Also, in the face of any emergency, you should always call the 112 emergency number.

On the other hand, citizens are reminded that flares or pyrotechnic artefacts are prohibited indoors, that customers must at all times follow the instructions of those in charge and must not obstruct the evacuation routes. It is also recommended to avoid the use of drugs and excessive alcohol, not to drive vehicles if you have consumed alcohol and to properly store your mobile phone to prevent theft.

In addition, the Generalitat Police will carry out several special control and inspection services during Halloween night.

Recommendations for leisure venues

The Ministry of Justice and Interior reminds us of the obligation to comply with current regulations regarding shows and venues.

In entertainment venues that celebrate Halloween, it is essential not to place decorative elements or coverings that can spread fire, and its continuation must be avoided. It is preferable to use decorative elements in a specific and isolated manner, separated from evacuation routes, exits and any heat-producing element.

In this sense, it is important not to cover any of the fire protection elements, both extinguishers and sprinklers or the emergency signage. In addition, all decorations should be located away from doors and evacuation routes, so that they are always located and not blocked in the event of an emergency.

Fire extinguishers must be strategically located, with good visibility and be accessible. It is also advisable to install smoke detectors in these spaces and check that they are working correctly so as not to cancel or delay the immediate alarm in the event of a fire.

Remember that the electrical installation of the premises must be maintained by an authorised company and have a favourable inspection in force. In electrical connections, in order to prevent overloading, you must avoid connecting too many devices to the network.

All exit doors, emergency exits and access doors must be operable and unlocked while the establishment remains open, and while the public is in the premises.

Public evacuation routes must be free of obstacles, accessible, operational, signposted and with emergency lighting to the exits to safe outdoor space, and there must be no elements installed there likely to cause confusion, hinder or delay evacuation.

Likewise, the capacity authorised in the licence must not be exceeded.

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