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Princess comes of age



Although teenagers coming of age marks a significant milestone for most households, Tuesday marks an auspicious day for one 18-year-old, as the solemn ceremony takes place, at the seat of national sovereignty, of the oath of the Constitution by the heir to the throne in Spain, Leonor de Borbón.

The ceremony not only marks her coming of age, but her official transgression to be the next Queen of Spain, in an event that will be ceremonial, and joyous for most, as the Princess is already held in significant high regard by many in the country, albeit with the absence of a number of invited guests, those opposing the Monarchy, although with many claiming their absence is not in opposition, but rather in favour of a referendum, so the people can decide.

Compared to the frivolous pageants with which wealthy families celebrate their daughters’ coming of age, with various parties and dances, etc. The young Borbón reaches the age of eighteen in full military training and swearing in a constitution that represents all of Spain.


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