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Zombie hackers facing seven years in prison



The sixth section of the Provincial Court of A Coruña will begin to hear evidence from today, Wednesday, against three hackers accused of using a network of zombie computers “with the intention of intentionally causing serious harm” to the company Tarlogic Security, based in Teo (A Coruña).

The prosecutor is asking for seven years for these three individuals – born in 1973, 1980 and 1986 – for events that occurred in July and September 2013. Likewise, joint compensation of 15,000 euro is demanded for the company.

According to the prosecution’s account, the three ‘crackers’ (computer hackers with criminal purposes) used the free radio network program, which they provided on the website, previously modified with malicious code, through which they infected the computers of multiple users throughout Spain, which they later used to provoke numerous denial of service attacks on the company Tarlogic Security – dedicated to technological advice and protection of equipment against computer attacks -.

“Through multiple and massive fragmented requests, as well as continuous queries, made mostly from the ‘webfusion internet solutions’ IP, where the website was hosted, caused the Tarlogic server to become overloaded, not being able to provide the services hosted on its IP, given that they stopped working due to overload and causing special damage to said website,” the prosecutor maintains.

These computer damages “caused multiple damages to Tarlogic”, consisting of the denial of services to its different websites hosted on its servers, as well as those derived from the need to restore the systems to their original state. The damages are estimated at 15,000 euro.

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