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Hostess club drug dealer in court



The Provincial Court of Palencia will begin to hear evidence from today against a man accused of a crime against public health in the form of sale and transmission to third parties of substances that cause serious damage to health due to cocaine trafficking in an establishment open to the public, specifically, in a hostess club that he ran in the province of Palencia.

The accused allegedly used the non-contracted staff who worked there as waiters and controllers to distribute the drugs among clients and the women who worked there. The Prosecutor requests a sentence of 7 years in prison and the payment of a fine of 18,476.96 euro with subsidiary personal liability, in case of non-payment, equivalent to 12 months of deprivation of liberty.

The events date back to 2019 when one of its employees without a contract went to the Guardia Civil barracks in Tordesillas to report the drug sales activity to which he was obliged and with which he was not satisfied and presenting 34 bags with cocaine ready for distribution and sale.

From there, the investigation was launched, with judicially authorised telephone interventions until, on July 1, 2020, the entry and search of both the accused’s home, located in the capital of Palencia, and the hostess club, located in Palencia, were authorised, where different quantities of cocaine that totalled 50.54 grams, the amount of 3,888 euro in cash that came from the sale of the drug as well as the mobile phone that the accused used to contact both his suppliers and consumers were seized.

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