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Beauty fraudster in court



A repeat fraudster, with three previous convictions for fraud, will sit in the dock of the Provincial Court of Ciudad Real for buying cosmetic products that he did not pay for, for which the prosecution is asking for four years in prison.

This is stated in the document of provisional conclusions of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, which details that the accused must face a new crime of fraud.

The events took place in January 2021 when the accused, according to the indictment, with a clear initial desire not to satisfy the price, placed an order for cosmetic, hairdressing and aesthetic products for a total amount of 3,013.43 euro from a company in Barcelona, ​​which is dedicated to the commercial activity of supplier for beauty centres.

All of this, with the obvious deceptive intention that the amount would not be paid, despite the proper receipt of the purchased merchandise, and after simulating in February 2021 an alleged monetary bank transfer in favour of the complainant for the amount of 1,999 euro, despite his situation of economic insolvency and knowing that the company was not going to be able to collect such debt.

The accused will be tried on Tuesday for a crime of fraud, with the aggravating modifying circumstance of multiple recidivism occurring.

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