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Ice cream recall Ice cream recall


Alert for metal fragments in Lidl ice cream



A new food safety alert warns of the presence of physical contaminants, specifically metal and plastic fragments, in ice cream coming from Germany and sold in Lidl supermarkets. It has been recalled, but if you have it at home, do not consume it and return it to the store.

The Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition (AESAN OA) has been informed by the German health authorities, through the European Food Alert Network (RASFF), of the presence of metal and plastic fragments in a vanilla ice cream for sale at Lidl.

In the manufacturer’s internal controls, the presence of physical contaminants, specifically metallic remains, in the ice cream was detected. The manufacturer itself notified the incident, which has been reported to the rest of the countries so that the sale of this product can be withdrawn and it can be verified that this is indeed the case.

The presence of metal fragments in this type of product could be accidental, but it is a real risk, which prevents it from being consumed, as these fragments could cause injuries.

For its part, Lidl has published an information note on the withdrawal of the problematic ice cream, reporting that no other product of the brand is affected.

What is the affected product?

The dangerous product is vanilla ice cream that is sold in large tubs in Lidl supermarkets.

It is the Bon Gelati Bourbon Vanilla Flavour ice cream from the Bon Gelati brand.

The sales format is a 2500 ml plastic tub.

2 lots are affected: L3 275 A01 (expiry date: 09-21-2025) and L3 276 A01 (expiry date: 09-22-2025).

What should you do?

Check if you have this ice cream in your freezer at home. If so, we recommend that you do not consume it, as ingesting it can cause injuries.

This product is distributed in the supermarkets of the Lidl chain, which has reported the withdrawal of the ice cream, urging those who may have purchased it not to consume it and return it to any store in the chain, where the amount will be refunded, without the need to present no purchase receipt. If you have it at home, take it to Lidl and they will give you your money back.

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