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Sueña Torrevieja Wade in on Icon Letdown



The Sueña Torrevieja group has released a statement of absolute frustration that the iconic landmark of El Tintero in Torrevieja has been allowed to be demolished, blaming the government, and in particular the mayor, Eduardo Dolon, for failing to protect the historic building, despite their promise.

Pablo Samper, spokesperson for Sueña Torrevieja, says that “late Wednesday, November 22, we received with astonishment and frustration the news of the demolition scheduled for Thursday, of the El Tintero Kiosk”.

The University of Alicante attributed to the El Tintero “an unparalleled historical and iconographic value” while the mayor of Torrevieja has not fulfilled his promise to protect it to prevent its demolition, Samper assured.

Samper assures that “I do not believe how the mayor of Torrevieja, most responsible for this City Council, has let the El Tintero die despite the fact that for more than 5 years he raised the flag of its protection and affirmed that in no case would he allow its demolition”.

“At the same time, from Sueña Torrevieja we do not understand the reasons that have led the General Directorate of Coasts to pursue a symbol of the history of our city, and we regret how the Torrevieja Council has taken so long to initiate the procedures for its protection as an asset of local relevance, giving rise to what is going to happen, which is unfortunately its demolition”.

Samper concludes by stating that “a people that loses its roots is condemned to lose its identity. Perhaps those who beat their chests talking about Torrevieja, its customs and traditions, should consider that when it comes down to it, they have left a symbol of our history lying around, cared for and run with affection for years by a Torrevieja family”.

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