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Guardia Civil seizes 300 kg of mistletoe



The Guardia Civil has seized 300 kg of mistletoe transported inside a van, that had been collected without any type of authorisation and their destination was for marketing in the Christmas campaign.

This intervention occurred when citizen security agents, who were serving in the rest area located on AP2, in the municipality of Pina in the prevention of criminal acts, observed a parked van, occupied by two people, which seemed suspicious to them, for which they proceeded to identify.

During the inspection of the vehicle, it was verified that the rear part intended for loading was occupied, in its entirety, by boxes full of mistletoe (Viscum album), this being a protected wild species, the collection of which is totally prohibited.

Given these events, the agents asked the occupants if they had any type of documentation that supported this collection, verifying that they lacked said authorisations, these people communicating that they had collected it in an undetermined area located between Zaragoza and Tudela and that it was destined for its marketing on the occasion of the Christmas campaign.

For all this, the Guardia Civil proceeded to prepare the corresponding complaints both to the Aragon Forestry Law, for carrying out forestry exploitation without authorisation, and to Law 42/2007 on Heritage and Biodiversity, for the possession of the 300 kg of mistletoe that were intervened.

The Guardia Civil wants to remind everyone, especially at this time of year, that wild species such as holly, moss or mistletoe are protected and cannot be collected from their natural environment. There are other alternatives to these natural plants intended for decorating our homes, such as purchasing them from authorised establishments (nurseries) or purchasing an artificial replica.


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