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Consumers still defenceless against cold calling



Despite regulation on unwanted commercial calls, these continue to occur, and for consumers, revoking consent is nothing short of impossible. This is according to the OCU consumer association, who are asking the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD) for concrete solutions for greater protection.

In their recent survey, of more than 50 calls, only in 3 were we able to identify the company that made the call.

The usual thing is that when you call back, they say that the number does not exist or does not accept calls.

When the calling operator is asked to identify the calling company, they directly hang up.

OCU have addressed the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD ) with various proposals to avoid the current lack of protection that consumers encounter when faced with these commercial calls.

Creation of a common registry of authorisations for commercial calls, which allows the consumer to know which companies they have granted consent to. Companies, for their part, should consult this registry before making these calls.

That registration on the Robinson List implies the automatic cancellation of all consents given (which requires companies to confirm that it has not been revoked before making any type of commercial call).

That systems be imposed so that it is possible to identify who is calling us:

  • For example, telephone numbers linked to a CIF no longer have special protection that makes it difficult to identify the owner.
  • That all the numbers used to make commercial calls allow the user to call back that number and be attended to by an operator.
  • OCU also ask the AEPD that telephone contracts be made in a different call or that they always end through a platform other than the company that carries out the commercial activity.

Adopting these types of measures is essential to guarantee the protection of consumers and users, who remain defenceless against telephone spam.

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