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Married couple and their son on trial for shooting two men to death in a crowd on All Saints’ Day



Starting Monday, the Court in Valencia will begin to hear evidence against a married couple and their son accused of killing two men and attempting to kill a third by shooting them in the crowd on All Saints’ Day 2021, in the Torrent cemetery.

The jury must decide whether the three defendants are guilty of both deaths and the injuries caused to a third party. Only one of the victims was an acquaintance, while the other two had no relationship with the aggressors, who now sit in the dock for that tragic event.

Apparently, the three defendants unintentionally met in the cemetery with another family with whom they had previously had violent conflicts, including an altercation with screams, threats and hits with chairs and sticks.

At one point, after recognising them, the mother took out a gun that she had hidden in her clothes and gave it to her son to shoot at the other family.

The court will determine whether the accused, without caring about the number of people who were in the area, on this designated date of November 1, when the largest influx of the year to the cemetery is recorded, began shooting at the victims, who had no chance to protect themselves.

The shots hit three men and caused the immediate death of two of them, one of whom had no relationship with the families in conflict. The third injured party – also unrelated to these disputes – was injured in the leg and suffered injuries that took 15 days to heal.

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