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Park sexual assault suspect on trial



The trial starts today, Wednesday, in the Third Section of the Provincial Court of Cantabria, against a man accused of sexually touching a minor, 14 years old, in a park where she was with some friends.

According to the prosecutor’s brief, the accused saw three minors, aged 14, and sat on a bench. He then spoke to them and approached one of them, “with a clearly libidinous spirit, he touched her on the neck and then lowered his hands to the area of her neckline, touching her breasts.”

Upon seeing what happened, the minor’s two friends asked a couple for help, who notified the Guardia Civil, who arrested the accused.

In the opinion of the Prosecutor’s Office, he is the author of a crime of sexual assault on a minor under sixteen years of age, deserving of one year in prison, prohibition from approaching and communicating with the girl for three years and probation and disqualification from working with minors for six years.

As compensation, the Public Ministry requests that the accused respond with 2,000 euro compensation, for the moral damages caused to the minor.

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