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January Sales in the Capital by Train



If you fancy taking advantage of the January sales, but fancy a little excursion at the same time, then you are in look because train operator Renfe has launched a special offer for trips specifically for that purpose.

Renfe has launched a ‘Superprecios’ campaign during the sales period this Christmas, with low-price tickets for travel starting from January 8 on AVE, Avlo, Alvia, Euromed, Intercity and AVE Internacional trains. Promotional tickets can be purchased from now until Sunday, January 14, 2024.

This commercial campaign is available to all corridors and the tickets are identified with the name ‘Superprecios’ in the Renfe web sale. Travelers will be able to anticipate purchasing tickets to travel in 2024 at the lowest prices. Advance travel planning and purchasing allows customers to obtain better prices and schedule their trips further in advance.

From Alicante, special prices are published to Madrid from 18 euro, to Barcelona from 24 euro, and from Murcia to Madrid, also from 18 euro.

Travelers can choose between a Basic ticket with the best ‘Superprecio’ or a Choose ticket for one euro more; In the case of the International AVE, they can choose between Standard or Comfort Upgrade for 5.6 euro and 10 euro, respectively. Renfe allows the greatest flexibility to customise the ticket accessories and enjoy all the advantages such as changes and cancellations.

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