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Santa Pola to Get Mobile Phone Coverage Boost



The mobile telephone operators Telefónica, Vodafone and Orange (Orange having just completed their merger with MasMovil) have announced that during the next few weeks they will carry out the implementation process of new generation mobile telephone services, 4G and 5G, in Santa Pola, on the 800 and 700 MHz bands, respectively, which will allow mobile phone users to enjoy high-speed mobile connections with better coverage inside buildings and greater geographic extension.

To guarantee the compatibility of the new technology with digital terrestrial television (DTT), Llega700 is the entity launched by the operators to solve any impact on the reception of the television signal.

The deployment is framed in the provisions of Royal Decree 579/2019, of October 11, from which the frequencies between 694 and 790 MHz (UHF channels 49 to 60) that until then were used were released for the reception of Digital Terrestrial Television, a process also known as the Second Digital Dividend. From then on, these frequencies were assigned to mobile telephone operators to provide their new generation mobile telephone services.

Benefits of the New Service

With the new mobile network, the door has been opened to innovative services and applications, in addition to providing significant improvements in both download speed and data sending (photos, music or high-definition audiovisual content) or allowing you to get the most out of online applications, such as video games.

The new generation mobile telephone network introduces two fundamental improvements. The first is the solvency of the various problems related to complicated orography present in Spanish geography where coverage traditionally failed. The second is the great penetration into interior areas of buildings.

The new generation also facilitates the introduction of new services in the business and public administration areas, such as business mobility applications with high multimedia content or the use of video calling, among others.

Furthermore, the greater coverage achieved by the deployment in the 700 and 800 MHz bands will improve the service inside buildings and will be the band that allows the service to be geographically extended efficiently.

Guaranteeing the compatibility  

Llega700 is the managing entity in charge of offering the services that will guarantee compatibility between the launch of 4G and 5G mobile broadcasting in the 800 and 700 MHz bands, respectively, and the reception of the DTT service.

To guarantee this compatibility, Llega700 provides citizens with a series of free services that includes a corrective procedure after the stations are turned on, through which Llega700 will be in charge of assisting affected users by managing and resolving possible problems at no cost.

To manage these services, a free telephone number (900 833 999) and a website have been made available to citizens.

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