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Security staff not exempt from wearing ties in air conditioned buildings



The Fourth Chamber of the Supreme Court has rejected the appeal of the Alternative Union of Private Security Workers union against the ruling of the National Court and declares that the company is empowered to force security staff to wear ties when working in an air-conditioned building.

This decision is that the ruling by the company does not violate the dignity of the workers, and is appropriate to the working conditions because it only affects the security guards who provide service to the public in the areas of the shopping centre that have air conditioning, without extending that requirement. to those who work in other different jobs.

Respecting in this way the agreement reached with other unions of the company and the provisions of the Order of the Ministry of the Interior 318/11, which attributes to the company the competence to decide on the uniform of the security guards, taking into account its suitability to working conditions, the season of the year and other possible functional, work or personal circumstances, as well as the dignity of workers and equality based on sex.

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