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Former prisoners facing 10 years for counterfeited dollar distribution



The A Coruña Prosecutor’s Office requests ten years and four months in prison for two men who met in Teixeiro prison and who, upon leaving, allegedly distributed counterfeit dollars. The trial will be held on Tuesday, in the second section of the Provincial Court of A Coruña.

The defendants, one 57 years old and the other 61 years old, established a friendship in 2019 when they met at the Teixeiro penitentiary centre. Once they were released, one of them, who in 2020 “did not have a job and his economic situation was very precarious,” says the prosecutor, asked to borrow money from the other, who offered to introduce and distribute different amounts into the financial circuit of “illegitimate and/or deceptive” United States dollars.

Thus, one of the defendants accepted between 4,000 and 5,000 US dollars knowing that the bills were counterfeit, and decided to sell them indirectly, for which he turned to third parties.

According to the document from the Prosecutor, on June 4, 2020, the man used his partner so that she could exchange currency for $1,500 at a bank located in A Coruña. The woman did not know that it was not legitimate currency. She also tricked a person who ran a bar in the city into buying foreign currency. The defendant paid an erotic masseuse with the fake dollars and gave part of the fake money as a gift for a baptism. None of the people who received the money, the prosecutor indicates, knew that it was fake.

The Prosecutor’s Office defends that these events constitute a crime of distribution of counterfeit currency and a crime of attempted fraud.

For this reason, he requests ten years and four months in prison for each of them. In addition, it proposes to compensate the banking entity for a total amount of 1,079.59 euro.

The two defendants have a criminal record, as they were already convicted, among other things, for crimes of fraud, simulation of a crime, falsification of public documents, theft with force, and against public health.

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