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Spain Today – Tuesday 9 April 2024



In Tuesday’s Spanish news, former prisoners facing 10 years for counterfeited dollar distribution, new IMED hospital opens in Valencia, and e-commerce spend reaches 21 billion euro.

Plus, it’s a quiet day in European markets in general.

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Spanish News Headlines

The A Coruña Prosecutor’s Office requests ten years and four months in prison for two men who met in Teixeiro prison and who, upon leaving, allegedly distributed counterfeit dollars. The trial will be held on Tuesday, in the second section of the Provincial Court of A Coruña.

The defendants, one 57 years old and the other 61 years old, established a friendship in 2019 when they met at the Teixeiro penitentiary centre. Once they were released, one of them, who in 2020 “did not have a job and his economic situation was very precarious,” says the prosecutor, asked to borrow money from the other, who offered to introduce and distribute different amounts into the financial circuit of “illegitimate and/or deceptive” United States dollars.

The new IMED Colón private hospital, located in the centre of València, will open its doors today thanks to the 50-million-euro investment from the private healthcare company whose routes are in the Costa Blanca tourist spot, Benidorm.

The new 12,000 square metre complex located in the former headquarters that the company Iberdrola, and which is the second hospital of the IMED group in the province.

E-commerce turnover in Spain increased by 15.2% year-on-year in the third quarter of 2023 to reach 21,8 billion euro, according to the latest e-commerce data available on the CNMCData portal.

The activity sectors with the highest income were travel agencies and tour operators, with 13.2% of the total turnover; air transport, with 5.6% and clothing, in third place, with 5.2%. Looking at the number of transactions, in the third quarter of 2023, more than 385 million transactions were recorded, 15.6% more. Land passenger transportation led the ranking for sales (7%).

Regarding geographical segmentation, 44.6% of revenues in the third quarter of 2023 were destined for Spain. The remaining 55.4% corresponded to purchases originating in Spain made abroad.

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Business, Markets and Statistics

The Public Treasury will auction 6 and 12 month bills in a day without notable references on the macro level in Spain, nor in the rest of the large economies, with the exception of the ECB’s bank loan survey and France’s trade balance.

Tuesday is a quiet day for European markets in general, with France being the only noticeable location of interest where the commercial balance will be published.

The WHO Global Hepatitis report is published on Tuesday.

Traffic and Travel

Road wise, there´s nothing significant planned but remember that if you are venturing into the mountain areas, which in some cases might be less than an hour from the sunny coast, snow chains should be a consideration to avoid getting stranded.

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