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Checkpoint-fleeing drug trafficker in court



The First Section of the Provincial Court of Ciudad Real will begin to hear evidence from today, Wednesday, against a man accused of the crime of drug trafficking, and another against road safety, when he fled a police checkpoint in Valdepeñas and being arrested carrying several grams of cocaine.

According to the indictment the event occurred in May 2021, when the accused was driving his vehicle on a road in the municipality of Valdepeñas and fled from a police checkpoint “at excessive speed and having to abruptly swerve to avoid running over an officer”.

In the days after the escape, a National Police patrol identified the vehicle parked in front of a hotel establishment. Immediately afterwards, the agents entered the premises to arrest the accused.

Once at the police station, the agents searched the accused, seizing a bag with 8.3 grams of cocaine, with an average purity of 29.67% and with an economic value in the illicit market of 503 euro.

Due to these facts, the Prosecutor’s Office requests a prison sentence of two years for the accused for a drug trafficking crime and another nine months for a crime against road safety.

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