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How to Check Your Driving Licence Points Online



The penalty points system in Spain was introduced in July, 2016, not only to penalise poor driving, but also to award those who drive safer.

The system is the opposite to that of the UK, in so much as if you commit an offence you will be given points on your licence, in Spain you are given an allocation which are then taken away in the event of committing an infraction. Lose all your points and the licence is withdrawn.

If you have a Spanish driving licence you can check how many points you have via their secure website.

If you visit the traffic department´s official website,, you will find all of the information you need, but the majority of it is only available in Spanish. You need to access the electronic office, so look for “Accede a la sede Electrónica”. This can be (mostly) changed to English once you get there.

Look for “Permisos de Conducir” in Spanish, then “Permiso por puntos”. Then, “Consulta de puntos”.

You will now have all of the information about checking your points and how to access the system. You can check your current points balance as long as your permit is valid. You will be able to obtain information about your history of recovery and loss of your points, detailing the date and the points penalised or earned, clarifying the possible types of infractions in which you incurred or the awareness courses you took.

Remember that your driving license has a number of points associated with it. As violations are committed, points are subtracted from your license until they reach zero. At that time, the loss of validity will be processed. You will have a period of 10 days to present allegations. If you finally receive firm notification of the loss of validity, you will have to hand in the permit at any Headquarters or Traffic Office, and you will not be able to drive from then on.

Since October 1, 2023, it is possible to check the driving licence point balance by phone, which replaced the previous access by username and password. The MiDGT app is becoming the reference for all driving administrative functions.

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