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Catral Safe Robbers Caught Red Handed



Officers from the National Police have arrested two men in Elche who were believed to have just committed a robbery with force in a home in the town of Catral, catching them red handed carrying a stolen safe.

The police were carrying out a routine road control point with the purpose of preventing the commission of robberies in the districts of the municipality.

A vehicle in which two occupants were traveling was stopped, having shown erratic and nervous behaviour when faced with questions, and so a superficial inspection of the car was then carried out, resulting in the officers finding a safe inside.

The officers asked the occupants about the origin of the safe, to which the answer came in a physical form in that one of the occupants left the vehicle and legged it, resulting in an unsurprising chase.

After running just over 500 metres, the officers managed to reach and subdue this individual who resisted, attacked the officials and even bit one of them on the hand to avoid arrest.

Whilst that activity was taking place, the other occupant also began a struggle to try to elude two other members of the police unit. He also physically attacked the officers with the intention of not being arrested. As a result of the attacks, two of the agents were slightly injured.

These two people were arrested for the crime of Attacking a Law Enforcement Agent and after a search of the recently detained vehicle it was found that inside, apart from the safe, there were numerous objects that could have an illicit origin. For this reason, everything suspected of having been stolen was seized and those involved were transferred along with the effects to the National Police Station in Elche.

The investigation was handed over to the Robbery Group with Judicial Police Force of the same police station, this group has a high specialisation in the investigation of crimes committed against property.

The results of the investigations were immediate, managing to locate the owner of a bank card that the detainees were carrying and that did not correspond to their affiliations.

Indeed, said owner and his wife had suffered a forceful robbery at their home located in Catral that same morning and had been robbed; a multitude of electronic devices, perfumes, cash and the safe that contained three watches from a prestigious luxury brand valued between 6,000 and 9,000 euro.

Once the appropriate verifications regarding ownership were carried out, the police officers attached to the investigation group delivered the objects to their legitimate owners and attributed the new act to the alleged perpetrators, in this case that of burglary.

The two detainees, two men, of Colombian nationality, aged 30 and 32, were placed at the disposal of the Elche Court.

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