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Man in court accused of trying to kill ex-partner with an axe



The Provincial Court of Ciudad Real will begin to hear evidence from today, Tuesday, against a man who allegedly tried to murder his partner with an axe when they were in divorce proceedings.

The prosecutor asks for the accused, a Moroccan in a regular situation in Spain, and with a history of drug-related crimes, nine years in prison for the crime of attempted homicide, as well as the prohibition of approaching closer than 300 metres his now ex-wife, for 10 years.

The events occurred on November 30, 2022, when the accused had been speaking on the phone with the victim trying to convince her to resume their relationship. The two had started a relationship in 2018 and it had broken up in September 2022, when they began divorce proceedings. In that conversation, the woman refused to continue the relationship and hung up the phone.

The call occurred at 4 p.m., according to the prosecutor’s brief, and around 6 p.m., the victim opened the door of her home to a neighbour, when she discovered that the accused was at the entrance carrying an axe.

The man rushed towards her with the apparent intention of hitting her on the head with the axe, the prosecutor says, at which point the neighbour managed to snatch the axe out of his hands.

Immediately afterwards, the defendant entered the victim’s home, hitting her several times in the face, the prosecutor continues, and pushing her against the kitchen counter, the defendant uttered intimidating expressions such as “I’m going to cut your throat, I’m going to kill you.” In fact, the prosecution says that he went to the kitchen drawers to get a knife, but he couldn’t because the victim elbowed him. The woman suffered several injuries as a result of these events.

The prosecutor requests measures to avoid confrontation between the victim and the accused during the trial and asks to maintain the accused’s provisional detention.

In addition, he requests 6,000 euro in compensation for moral damages and 150 euro for the injuries caused.

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