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Arms suppliers shut down Arms suppliers shut down

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Drug-gang-supplying arms network shut down



The Guardia Civil has arrested 16 people for forming a network of buying and selling weapons supplied to criminal organisations dedicated to drug trafficking. 12 searches have been carried out in Malaga and Granada where 14 blackout 300 tactical rifles, abundant ammunition, and 13,000 euro in cash have been seized.

Criminal groups acquired weapons through front men with valid weapons licences and later diverted them to the black market. From there they were purchased by organisations dedicated to drug trafficking for a price that tripled their purchase value on the legal market. The weapons purchased were tactical, civilian versions of assault rifles, 300 blackout.

In the searches in Malaga and Granada, three of them have been in homes that had been transformed into indoor marijuana plantations. There, several tactical rifles have been seized that were being used to secure drugs against possible overturns or thefts by other criminal groups.

Operation “Brutale” began with the detection by the Weapons Intervention of the Guardia Civil of Malaga of suspicious transactions in the purchase of several new weapons. These agents specialised in arms control notified the Information Service of the Guardia Civil to investigate this case of suspected arms trafficking.

As a result, twelve searches have been carried out in total with the intervention of 14 tactical weapons, abundant ammunition and 13,000 euro in cash. Some of the rifles were hidden in double bottoms that have made them difficult to locate.

16 people have been arrested, including two at the Madrid airport when they were returning abroad. All have been brought to justice for crimes of criminal organisation, arms trafficking and crimes against public health.

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