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Road Safety Day in La Manga



Members of N332 joined in with a Road Safety Day organised by Cartagena Local Police at the La Manga Club golfing resort.

The packed day of experiences began with introductions of the representatives from the likes of the fire service, Guardia Civil, and Cartagena town hall from the president, Andrew Millard, followed by a welcome from Manuel Asensio, Chief of Police in Cartagena.

For N332’s part, much of the talk surrounded one of the biggest problems what residents and visitors experience at the resort, in the form of small electric vehicles, but on this occasion we are not referring to e-scooters, but rather golf buggies.

Many of the owners and visitors were unaware of the rules regarding golf buggies, which renders the majority of them effectively illegal in the manner in which they are used. As a topic not widely featured by N332, the team will provide an overview next week, so if you are a golf buggy user, you probably don’t want to miss that if you want to stay on the right side of the law and avoid being fined.

As part of the N332 talk, a Local Police officer from Cartagena, Victor, highlighted the risks and dangers of consuming alcohol or drugs before driving, in an exercise that showed through experience how the ability to focus and function is diminished, by getting some of the attendees to don special goggles which mimic the effects of alcohol or drug use.

Before a tour of the facilities, the dangers and risks were further highlighted by an exhibition from the Cartagena fire service about how they extract a victim from a vehicle, in this case demonstrating the effects of a relatively slow-speed frontal collision, and although the rescue experts managed to extract the victim in around 20 minutes, in so many cases these situations can be so easily avoided.

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