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Torrevieja Police Continue E-scooters Clampdown



The Local Police of Torrevieja continues with its informative, training and prevention work regarding personal mobility vehicles, such as the so-called e-scooters.

In recent weeks, several interventions have been carried out through controls in different locations, in which it has been detected that many young people who are not of the legal age are driving this type of vehicle, for which they have been sanctioned, since the regulations indicate that they cannot drive them until they are 16 years old.

Furthermore, among the sanctions imposed, a scooter was detected that exceeded 25 km/h, which is the limit established, and a scooter was sanctioned whose licence plate, which should be correctly marked, was tampered with and illegible.

In the future, the Local Police will continue to establish controls to continue working for citizen coexistence between Personal Mobility Vehicles, automobiles and, above all, pedestrians, in order to raise awareness among everyone that coexistence prevails in everyone’s mobility.



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