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The Week Ahead – 29 April 2024 – Another Red Day in Spain



It´s a big week for the workers in Spain as the national holiday of Labour Day is celebrated in the middle of the week, Wednesday, making various variations to the working week of 2 in, 1 off, 2 in, and some people taking a long weekend either side, and others taking the whole week off. As a result, the traffic situation will also be complicated on the roads.

Airplane buffs have also got the San Javier Air Show to look forward to this weekend.

In the UK, the Conservatives are going to have a great week and Labour will not do very well, or at least that is what we will no doubt be told, despite the evidence before our eyes, as local elections take place.

Also in the UK, the Rwanda Bill will… Checks notes… Wait, what? It was passed? Well, that’s the end of that story then, in a week where Ryanair has suggested they would be prepared to fly the refugees to Rwanda, in their aircraft which are not physically capable of reaching the destination city… You can insert your own joke about Ryanair flying to airports some considerable distance from the cities they advertise.

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